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9 Types of Emails You Should Be Sending

Email Marketing does not have to be difficult! Most people do not know what types of emails they should be sending or when they should be sending them. A helpful hint is that there are 9 email types that every business should be sending. The order and frequency is based on your business and it’s client personas.

The 9 Email Types you should be sending are:

  1. Welcome Emails are incredibly important. Whether they are your first client or your millionth client, you want to make sure they know how appreciated they are!

  2. Newsletters can be used to give updates and announcements about things going on within your company.

  3. Dedicated Emails are used to highlight a new product, service, or perhaps an upcoming event.

  4. Lead Nurturing Emails designed based on your client personas and how they need to be spoken to in order to convert them into a sell.

  5. Sponsorship Emails are mainly used in Pay-Per-Click advertising or affiliate marketing.

  6. Transactional Emails are just that. A receipt or a thank you for completing a specific call-to-action.

  7. Re-engagement Emails are meant to target inactive members on your email list. Keep in mind this may cause an uptick in your unsubscribe rate.

  8. Brand Story Emails are designed to give your subscribers an inside look into your company. Who you are, how you got there, what your day-to-day looks like. People love and frequently buy into stories!

  9. Review Request Emails are exactly what they sound like. A way to ask for reviews on your Social Pages, Google, Yelp, and a few other locations.

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