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Benefits Of Local SEO

Are you a small business owner? Did you know that you could be increasing your sales and building your businesses community by using local SEO? This is an incredible tool that can help your business grow and flourish in your local community.We should start by backing up and explaining what SEO is. SEO or 'Search Engine Optimization is the practice of setting up your website and all of your content to appeal to established search engines algorithms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Local SEO works to gain preference from these platforms with a more specific target in mind. Rather than competing with those large conglomerates in your industry, you'll be focusing on standing out in your community. We've compiled 7 amazing benefits to using Local SEO.

  1. Improve Online VisibilityYou don't want your website to get lost in a sea of related businesses. You want to stand out on that search page. Using local keywords can help you appear more in search results. Be sure to keep the most updated phone number, address, and hours of business online.

  2. Build a Community One of the most beautiful things about serving local customers is the community that comes along with it. By using local SEO you will be able to reach more members of the community, you never know what may come out of those customer relationships!

  3. More Relevant Traffic If you are a hair salon, you aren't going to be able to serve clients across the country, you need clients who live close! Using local SEO will help to promote your business to nearby potential customers.

  4. Local Return CustomersMost people love supporting local businesses, so if you are able to get out in front of your community and provide them with incredible service and/or products, they will be back again and again! And they most likely will tell their friends about you!

  5. Build Trust and Authority In this age of uncertainty, consumers are craving trustworthy businesses. By using localized SEO services and building up your Google My Business page, people will be able to read reviews, view your hours of operation, quickly access your website, and even see social media posts. This will also help to establish your authority as a business because potential customers will be able to see that you are a legitimate and accessible company.

  6. Reduce Ad Costs Even though ads can be an amazing way to generate leads, they can be very expensive. Using local keywords and having an updated Google My Business page can help draw in local leads. Users can quickly access your business and contact information.

  7. Increased Sales The ultimate goal of using local SEO is to help increase your sales. By improving your credibility and visibility on search engines, you will begin to build a trustworthy reputation in your community that will intrigue and draw in new leads.

Not sure where to start on your local SEO strategy? Our team of experts would love to help you to create a local SEO plan of attack. We are here to help you and your business thrive, especially in your local community! To speak with a team member, call (434) 856 - 6999 or email We can't wait to hear from you!

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