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Do Social Media Ads Really Work?

They absolutely do but in order to explain how we need to back up a little bit.

What is a social media ad?

Simply put it is an elevated social media post that is being directed at a specific group of people. This group of people is based on personas that have been put together for your company. We talk more about that in this post.

What is the purpose?

This gives us the ability to interact with and engage consumers on a more personal level. The ability to focus on and nurture leads because of social ads gives us the opportunity to convert more leads into sales.

How does this fit into the bigger picture?

These fit by giving us a more personal and direct way to reach your clients. Meeting them where they are is a huge piece of our overall strategy.

Now that we've answered those questions, we will circle back to our original question: do social media ads work? The answer is 100% yes! Social media ads absolutely work!

We would love to talk more about the success of using ads and help you create the perfect ad strategy! Reach out to us today by calling or messaging us at (434) 856-6999 or on our website at:

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