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Google Ads: Is It Worth It?

Most people shy away from Google Ads when they are first introduced to them for one of two reasons; either they are too expensive or the individual simply does not understand what Google Advertising can actually do for your business.Here are 6 really important reasons to support why you want to be advertising on Google:

  1. Increases leads and customers. This one is pretty self explanatory, you want more leads and customers so you can make more money.

  2. Flexible Marketing Platform. Google Ads allows you to make a variety of different types of ads, from text and call ads, to display ads, video ads, and so much more.

  3. You get a high ROI (Return On Investment). This goes back to number 1. If you are making more sales, then you are making more money. For example if you spend $500 in a month on ads but you land 3 clients for a total of $1500 then your ROI was $1000.

  4. Fast, Transparent Results. You can log into your dashboard at any time and see how your ads are performing, how much money you have spent, and get real time recommendations to elevate your ads even more.

  5. Taps into huge high quality traffic sources. Because you are making a variety of ads you are able to place those ads in a variety of places, not just This helps you find your target audience even if they didn’t come to Google to find you.

  6. Find out more about your market. One of the many ways you can learn about your audience is by what they are searching for specifically when your ad is generated and they click on it. This information can be used in other areas of your marketing strategy as well.

We think these 6 things help to paint a better picture of why Google Ads are so important. They definitely cost more money so the risk is greater but the time you save and the ROI is significantly increased making this all worth while.

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