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How To Design The Best Logo For Your Company

Your logo is one of the most, if not the most, important part of your company's brand. Why do you recognize Target with just the bullseye, or McDonalds with just the golden arches? This is because those companies answered a list of questions and completed a set of tasks to ensure that they were always recognizable and memorable.In order to do this for you and your company, we have 12 things that we will ask of you in order to help create your perfect logo!

  1. Understand why a logo is important: You want to be memorable and recognizable.

  2. Define your brand’s identity: Using us as an example, we are a team of women who are breaking workplace norms and setting the pace for working moms everywhere.

  3. Find inspiration for your design: Using us again, we wanted something simple and feminine but still showing a break in the norm.

  4. Check out the competition: You want to mimic your competition just enough but also want to make sure that you stand out when you are in the same group as them.

  5. Choose your design style: Do you want to be masculine? Bold?

  6. Find the right type of logo: There are 7 different types to choose from such as emblems, logotypes, pictorial marks, lettermarks, abstract, mascot, or combination.

  7. Pay attention to color: color theory plays a huge role in this step. Do you want to feel trusted? Do you want to energize people?

  8. Pick the right typography: This can be just as important as the colors you choose for your logo.

  9. Communicate with your designer: Giving your designer as much information as you can helps this process immensely.

  10. Evaluate your logo options: Throughout the entire process our designers will give you multiple options of your logo to build upon until we have reached the final result. Tell us what you like and do not like about each.

  11. What not to do: Do not tell us you are happy if you aren’t. This is the basis of your entire brand, if you want something changed completely or slightly edited, let us know!

  12. Integrate your logo into your entire brand: You want to naturally incorporate your logo anywhere and everywhere you can.

Are you ready to get started? Head over to and sign up for one of our graphic design plans. We cannot wait to kick off your brand with you!

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