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Mikayla, What's It Like Working At Pacesetters?

Have you ever been with people who make everything fun? Well luckily for me, I get to be with women who do just that! I have recently had the opportunity to become a marketing intern at Pacesetters and it has been nothing short of incredible. Not only do I get to be co-workers with women who lead me to be better in business, but I also get to do life with them, share my highs and lows and build a sisterhood with them.

If I could describe Pacesetters, I’d say we work hard so we can play hard. There are some days when we don’t talk and grind out all that we can during the workday but then there are other days when we quickly realize we’ve got it all done and can step outside and enjoy the sunshine for a bit. I’ve noticed that having this balance makes work not really feel like work all the time. Everyone wishes for it but here at Pacesetters, we get it!

As a marketing intern, I get to see the ins and out of just about everything we do as a company. I’ve been able to help write creative content for our clients, schedule posts, and immerse myself in our client’s companies to better understand what they need from us as their marketing team. Collaboration with all the Pacesetters’ team has been so helpful to me as an intern. Whether it’s learning about a client’s needs or wants, getting familiar with programs and systems we use, or just figuring out how to make it through a busy, chaotic workday; I have some incredible women by my side walking me through each day!

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