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Us vs. Them Part I

When picking a marketing company to work with there are many things to consider whether it be the quality of work they produce, their pricing, or the employees themselves. We have done the research and have put together a comparison of ourselves to a handful of our competitors. We understand that this may deter you from us and push you right into the arms of a competitor but one thing about us is that we will always be transparent.

To dive right into things we are going to focus mainly on our Social Media Management packages. When it comes to our pricing versus our competitors we fall somewhere in the middle. We are definitely not the cheapest nor are we the most expensive. But it isn’t so much about the price as it is about what you are getting for that price. This is where things start to really differentiate. Some of our competitors charge you barely $100 but offer twice as much as we do in their initial package. This is an easy one for us, we are offering you quality and not quantity. It is always better to post less often if it is strong, quality posts to help increase your engagement. When you are simply putting out generic posts, which is what you get for $100 per month, the movement on your social accounts will be minimal if anything at all. So while we may not offer you as many line items within our plans, we are offering you significantly higher quality work.

We all know that pricing and what is included at that price is important, but it isn’t necessarily the most important. We believe that transparency is the best way to do business. This doesn’t mean that we are giving client information out, it means we are open and honest about what we can and cannot do, where we are at within our process on your accounts, and we admit when and if we ever drop the ball on a project. We tell you up front who will be working on your accounts and to what capacity and in the event that one of those people changes, we will notify you in advance. Client satisfaction is very important to us and we believe that by being transparent with our clients helps build the trust required to succeed in our partnership.

Something else to consider when hiring a marketing agency is whether or not their mission aligns with yours. If you are a small business owner who loves promoting employee health, then you shouldn’t hire a company that says they have 1000 clients and only 10 employees. That is a pretty clear indication that they are more focused on the employees sitting at their computers for endless hours and producing astronomically large amounts of work. We can promise you that the people working on your account will not be stretched thin and that they will be able to put in multiple hours per week on just your accounts.

Still not sure? Check back for part 2 in the coming weeks on what makes us stand out from the rest!

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