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What Is Brand Architecture?

Brand Architecture is breaking down a main brand into smaller families and family members of the same company. Brand Architecture helps organize a class or hierarchical system within a company.

To explain this more in depth, we will use ourselves as an example. We are Pacesetters Marketing, that's the house brand. In that house we have Pacesetters Social (PM Social), Pacesetters Graphics (PM Graphics), Pacesetters Copywriting (PM Copy), and Pacesetters Advertising (PM Ads). We will call each of these groups our families. Each of these families have subcategories that we will break down in a moment, but these are our family members.

Now that we have our house, let’s break down those families.

PM Social: This family is made up of social media management for clients and management/creation of our own social media pages.

PM Graphics: This is by far our largest family with social media graphics, website design, ad graphics, video creation, product photography, logo design, and print work.

PM Copy: This is our smallest family with blogging and email marketing.

PM Ads: Finally our most enthusiastic family with “Over the top,” social media ads, and Google ads.

What does your brand's architecture look like? We would love to help you define this.

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