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What Is OTT and Why Do I Need It?

OTT stands for “Over-The-Top”. Simply put, OTT advertising is commercials for streaming devices, such as Roku. The cool thing about OTT is that almost every home in America has at least one streaming device. That means that your chances of reaching your specific audience are even higher.

When targeting with OTT advertising you want to think of your client personas. Are you targeting men or women? How old are they? What are their interests? Do they work in specific industries? The list goes on. Once we know these things, we will target these people where they are. For instance, in one persona group you may have someone who loves watching sports and someone else who loves watching cooking shows. We will be able to show your commercial to both of them. Doesn’t that seem a lot easier and make a lot more sense?

Now that you know a little bit about how targeting with OTT advertising works, we can answer the question, ‘Why do I need OTT?’ You need it because we are able to fine tune and zero in on your target audience and hit their screens in a much more confined population.

Call us today or send us a message so we can get your commercials airing!

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