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What is Social Media Management?

What does Social Media Management mean to you? It could be as simple as writing and posting content on a regular basis, or it could be as complex as creating the social media pages, posting the content, and interacting with all of the engagements that the page is receiving. Wherever your definition of social media management falls on this spectrum, you are correct!

The main components of social media management are:

  1. Creating and distributing content

  2. Analyzing social media audiences and developing strategies that are customized to those audiences

  3. Monitoring online conversations

  4. Monitoring and measuring performance

To break each of those down we will start with analyzing social media audiences and developing strategies. This is always the first thing we want to do to optimize your social media pages. This involves researching your competition to see what they are doing but then taking that a step further to see what they are getting the best responses to. We also want to see what platforms similar companies are on. For instance, if you have an Etsy shop and you are not on Pinterest while all of the other Etsy creators are, we may want to consider having a Pinterest page created for you. Once we figure out what platforms and what type of posts we want to try we move into creating and distributing content. At this point, we will be writing content based on a similar strategy to like-minded companies, because technically we are still in the trial and error phase of this social media management situation. After the content is created it will be scheduled onto your pages based on a strategy calendar that has been put together. Leading us to… monitoring and measuring performance as well as monitoring online conversations.

Monitoring and measuring is the biggest factor in what happens to your strategy in a few weeks or months. If we are seeing that your #FunFactFriday posts are your top-performing posts, then we know we are not changing them at all. On the same hand if your “sign up with us” sales posts are your worst performing posts we will need to develop a new strategy to still drive conversions but in a more inviting way.

Once we have adjusted your strategy, we start this process over. We continue to do this until we find a sweet spot of constant engagement, conversions, and overall interactions. The thing to keep in mind as all of this is happening is that there is no one size fits all method to social media management and there is no right or wrong answer to what to do next. That is the beauty of social media.

The only step that you need to take is to sign up with us

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