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Who Is Pacesetters Marketing?

Pacesetters are defined as those who want to change societal norms and break the glass ceilings laid out before them. Our team of Pacesetters is currently made up of a few women with significantly different backgrounds and experiences who came together to start something they believed in.

Renée is our Owner and CEO. She has done it all from the food industry to corporate settings, dabbling in the private sector and ultimately landing on her own two feet. She was raised by strict military parents, one of them being her mother, who instilled in her that you do not allow other people to limit you and to focus on “the water in the ship,” because that is what causes you to sink. She knows the life she wants to provide for her future children and she has yet to work somewhere that offers that. She is setting the pace and breaking the barriers to ensure we have a family friendly, female inclusive, work space.

Jordan is our Creative Director and the Queen of everything visual. She has an outrageous amount of experience in the graphic design world from yard signs, to billboards, to social posts, to email marketing campaigns, and everything in between! She desired a workplace where she could let her creativity flow freely and not be confined to a box. She's made that space by breaking a barrier that was forced into her path.

Kayla is our Director of Marketing and calm in all storms. Her ability to juggle everything at once is impeccable and we envy her for it. She has always had motherhood in her sights which is what makes her the perfect fit for this barrier- breaking team. She may just be the woman who truly defines a “working mom.”

All of those things are amazing and noteworthy, but they are such a small piece in a large puzzle. Pacesetters can be anyone of any race, ethnicity, background, and education level who wants to break societal norms and set the pace for everyone and it starts here.

Do you want your brand to stand out from the rest? Who better than a Pacesetter to help you achieve that goal! Our varying skill sets matched with our excitement to surprise the world make us unmatched in our field. Contact us today at 434.856.6999 and let us help you set your pace!

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